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Note: We will attempt to update this section periodically based upon inquiries we receive from trust beneficiaries.

NEW - What effect will the criminal convictions of Douglas Swenson, Jeremy Swenson, David Swenson and Mark Ellison have on the Liquidating Trusts?
2. NEW - How will I know when I receive my final distribution from the Liquidating Trust?
3. NEW - Why have I received distributions from both the Liquidating Trust and the Private Actions Trust?
4. Is my “beneficial interest” the amount of money that will be distributed to me from the Liquidating Trust?
5. How long will it take for the Liquidating Trust to make all of the payments to me?
6. Does the Liquidating Trust have the money in their accounts?
7. I would like communications mailed to my Broker Dealer.
8. When do I declare this on my taxes?
9. My property is being managed by another group, so how am I involved with the DBSI bankruptcy?
10. What will it cost me to receive the projected beneficial interest?
12. What is a “beneficiary letter”?
13. Why is the percentage listed in the “beneficiary letter” I received different from the ownership percentage of my investment?

1. When will the next distribution be made?
2. Is the money that is distributed taxable?
3. Where does the money come from to fund distributions?
4. The letter I received talked about a ‘waterfall distribution’. What is the waterfall?
5. What is a ‘Grantor Letter’, when will I receive it, and what does it mean?

1. Will I receive a K1 for 2012?
2. How is the Liquidating Trust generally treated for federal income tax purposes?
3. What is the income tax treatment of the initial transfers to the Liquidating Trust?
4. Who is taxed on income or gains earned by the Liquidating Trust?
5. What kind of tax return will be filed by the Liquidating Trust and what kind of annual tax statement will I receive from the Liquidating Trust?
6. What are Schedule 4 and Schedule 12 investors and how will that affect my distributions from the DBSI Real Estate Liquidating Trust?

1. Is My Beneficial Interest Transferable?
2. If I Qualify for a Permissible Transfer, What Do I need to Do?
3. Is there a Cost to Make a Permissible Transfer?

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